Temporary Rent Reduction Agreement Consumer Affairs

Agree to reduce the amount of rent instead of a tenant defer payment of the current amount to a later date. If the rent is deferred, tenants may end up having a debt that they cannot repay at the end of the contract. There is no set format, but you can use the temporary lease form as a guide. If you use another format, it must contain: you may be entitled to a payment of up to US$3,000 to help you pay your rent if your rent has been reduced in one of the following ways: If you and the landlord reach an agreement, the Mediator will write it in writing during mediation and give you and the landlord a copy. The service was designed to help people communicate more effectively and ensure a fair, reasonable and equitable agreement. If the parties are not transparent or fair, arrangements may be made to balance the interests of both parties and take into account the circumstances to maintain, to the extent possible, the lease agreement. If it is assumed that the dispute can be forwarded, you will receive an email containing the time and date of the mediation hearing and other important information. This may include an example of the types of agreements reached during mediation and a guide to the process. Rental laws in Victoria have changed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. These new laws have been extended and will last until at least March 28, 2021.

These laws give new rights to people who rent out their homes (tenants). These include people residing in a dwelling house, caravan, residential park or specialized housing for disabled people (residents). The Victorian government has expanded the package to help tenants facing financial hardship related to COVID-19. If the landlord refuses to renew the contract, you can register with Consumer Affairs Victoria to go through the rent reduction process again, to see if the contract can be renewed or if a new agreement can be reached. TIP: Before mediation, you should make a realistic budget for all your expenses, debts, etc., and find out how much rent you can afford. Find out how much rent you can afford. You may be available for financial assistance to pay your rent. See Housing Vic Rental Facility. Check if you are entitled to the COVID-19 Rent Relief Grant (see access to financial assistance for the payment of my rent). Learn more about the COVID-19 Rent Relief Grant.

Also take into account the situation of your landlord. Either accept the rent offered by the landlord or make an appropriate offer. If you need additional financial assistance or are not eligible for the COVID 19 subsidy, you can also apply for other financial assistance to cover your rent and rent arrears. . . .

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