Seven Eleven Franchise Agreement Pdf

Duration of the contract and renewal: the initial duration of the franchise is 15 years. A renewal period corresponding to the number of years provided for in the current franchise agreement for franchise extensions is available if the requirements are met. Financial support: the franchisor can finance the count and franchise fees in certain situations. The franchisor will also create and maintain an account opened for the franchisee as part of the accounting services provided (see FDD for more details). The franchisee does not offer financing agreements from other sources and does not receive payments for the placement of financing. NOTE: FDD pages are provided for informational purposes only. This is an overview of what is in the full document that must be given by the franchise to the potential franchisee – and whose receipt between the parties must be formally certified by a notary. If you are interested in getting in touch with a franchise, please consult our offers via the “Industry” pages accessible via the drop-down menu above. Area Granted: The franchise agreement includes a single 7-Eleven site. Franchisees do not benefit from a minimum zone. Franchisees also do not benefit from an exclusive zone.

Commitments and restrictions: as part of the franchise agreement, franchisees undertake to do their best for the store and to participate actively and substantially in the effective operation of the franchise. Because the franchisee expects the franchisee to effectively manage the franchise, except in exceptional cases, it does not require franchisees to designate or train an officer unless they operate more than one 7 Eleven franchise. The store must hold all specified inventory categories. Franchisees may only manage, use and sell inventory and other products that correspond to the type, quantity, quality and diversity related to image 7 Eleven and as indicated by the franchisee in the franchise agreement. Franchisees must hold at all times in the business a reasonable and representative quantity of all proprietary products listed in the franchise agreement or mentioned by the franchisee in writing. Franchisees must be provided with an appropriate and representative quantity of all designated products, national or regional, promoted or promoted. Franchisees must meet the merchandising and sustainability requirements of the fresh food franchisor. Three types of franchises are offered:1. A traditional 7-Eleven-Shop: the franchisor offers franchises for a single site that it owns or rents.2. Business Conversion Program (BCP) Franchise: the franchisee is responsible for acquiring the land and building a commercial site and pays a different royalty than traditional franchisees….

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