Cards are $5 each. Postage is free in Australia. 

Cards are 173mm x 123mm – large enough to be a picture, small enough to be a card – printed on thick 100% recycled carbon neutral card, using 100% renewable energy. All cards have white envelopes.

Because the cards are rectangular, and some of the pictures in original form were not, there may be a small discrepancy between the picture here and the card.


On the back of each card is a story or explanation describing the picture.


Bookmarks – free with all orders.  Every bookmark features an image taken from one of the cards. 


This new card is dedicated to the McGrath Foundation, and all revenue from sales of the card will be donated to this wonderful charity. For details of what the  Foundation stands for, and achieves, have a look at its website, which can be accessed directly from our Home Page. I  hope this picture conveys something of the strength and resilience women can muster when severely tested.

The world from the window

The World From the Window

If you look closely at the hill behind the house you can see a woman, child and dog walking towards the sea – heading for the boat that will take them away to a new life. The house is left behind, and other creatures are now colonising it. The security of home is contrasted to the opportunity and freedom, but also possible challenge and danger, of the wide world.

Outraged owl

Outraged Owl

Owls often look either surprised or angry. This one looks particularly outraged – I’m not sure why. He is securely ensconced on his branch, surveying the surrounding scene. Perhaps something he disapproves of is happening just out of our sight!

New World

This warrior woman of the future is seen in the context of the drier, hotter and more barren world that we may be facing unless we tackle climate change now.

Fly Away Home

A koala and a sheep are watching two ducks begin their journey by moonlight across the plain back to their home at the foot of distant hills. the earthbound animals wish that they too could travel such distances with ease, but then realise how happy they are at home in their  own bush land and trees.

Martha’s Princess

This was painted for my granddaughter, Martha, when she was very young. Like many little girls she liked pink, and she liked princesses. I wanted to convey her own seriousness and individuality too.


These two ladies are friends who complement each other with both similar and different qualities, as happens within the best and most lasting friendships.

Kookaburra sings in the morning

Kookaburra Sings in the Morning

In one aboriginal legend the bird’s early morning laughter is a signal to the spirits in the sky to light the fire that will bring the day. My kookaburra sings in the morning among the trees of Mount Dandenong.

Full moon

Full Moon

This owl looks disconcerted by the large harvest moon dominating the landscape. Perhaps she feels that her own beauty is upstaged by the moon’s majesty.

Small World

Small World

This delightful little creature’s world on the flowery hillside is very small, but because she is tiny it is as full of excitement and interest for her as our wider worlds are for us.

Coming Home

Coming Home

This little animal  has found his way home. The house awaits him, with lighted windows. He is tired from his journey and is gathering his strength for the final walk up the long path to home.


Moving House

Moving House

Moving from one home to another is an experience usually full of both excitement and trepidation. I hope this painting expresses both the promise of the future and nostalgic feelings for the past.

End of the Drought

End of the Drought

Australia is a country famous for both drought and drenching rain. A barren landscape can be transformed overnight by sudden rain following an extended dry season. Here the brightly coloured bird and the sheep survey the changing scene with surprise and pleasure.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree

This is the first line of a popular and wonderfully cheerful nursery rhyme and folk song. It’s known and loved by Australians – and all around the world.

Puffing Billy in the Dandenong Ranges

Puffing Billy in the Dandenong Ranges

On the right hand side of this picture you can see Puffing Billy, a historic steam engine, chugging its way between Belgrave and Gembrook – which it does every day of the year except Christmas Day. No visitor to the Dandenongs should miss a memorable ride on this iconic train!

Riding the waves

Riding the Waves

This bottlenose dolphin, her skin burnished and pinkened by the setting sun, is a marine mammal , and her brothers and sisters live in many of the world’s oceans. They have sophisticated methods of communication, and this one looks as though she is assessing her position, as well as enjoying riding the waves!



Each human face is a unique and wonderful landscape, capable of expressing many emotions. Sometimes the character trait displayed on a face is clear and unambiguous, and sometimes it is hard to read. Others may interpret the expressions on my painted faces differently from how I see them.


Be happy
Be Happy

The woman in this painting has reason to be happy. She is in her garden, surrounded by flowers, trees and birds, under a benevolent sun. Let’s enjoy such moments – all the more because they can be fleeting.


Harvest Moon

The wonderful paintings by Samuel Palmer in the nineteenth century featuring a harvest moon capture   the abundance of the English countryside. The subject of my Harvest Moon is the Australian bush, which has a different and mysterious beauty in its raw colours and austere distances.

"I can't fly, so should I swim?"

I Can’t fly, So Should I Swim?

Emus are native Australian birds. They can’t fly, but have long legs and can run far and fast; they also love water and are usually good swimmers. I’m not sure that this emu can swim yet – he’s tempted by a refreshing pool on a hot day, but isn’t sure that he can keep afloat!

I can reach the stars!

I Can Reach the Stars!

Here are our two earthbound poodles, Peggy and Rosa, gazing spellbound and with awe at a colourful parrot, who is soaring into the sky – perhaps hoping to reach the stars!

"Flying's easy when you have wings!"

Flying Is Easy When You Have Wings!

Australia is home to many brightly coloured birds. This imaginary bird is similar to the Australian king parrot, who lives in Eastern Australia from Queensland to Victoria, and can be found in the Dandenong Ranges. This bird is flying above the hills and looking down happily at the scene below, while celebrating his own beauty and his enviable capacity to soar above the landscape.


I often paint butterflies because they are beautiful insects, living a brief and vivid life. Evening is a time for reflection at the end of the day, when we may see butterflies flitting from plant to plant as the sun sets.

William's boat

William’s Boat

I painted this picture for my grandson, William, on his fifth birthday. The storm is coming – the sea is getting choppy and the birds are alarmed – but the small boat is facing the challenge with optimism and humour: qualities I wished for William and others as they grow up.

Home for us all

Home For Us All

This painting was created as a tribute to all the animals who share this beautiful continent with us, and who need our protection. The proceeds from the sale of this card will go to the charity Animals Australia.



Each face is a unique and wonderful landscape, capable of expressing the emotions that can delight or distress us. I feel that my painted faces can take on a life of their own once finished, and others may disagree with my interpretation of the emotion or attitude expressed.



Each human face is a unique and wonderful landscape, capable of expressing the emotions that delight, distress, concern and consume us. Sometimes the feeling displayed on a face is clear and unambiguous, and sometimes it is difficult to read. I find that my painted faces seem to take on a life of their own. Others may interpret  their  expressions differently from how I see them.


The bird is looking enquiringly inland, ignoring the lure of the stars and the open sea. Australia is a country where we cling to the coast, yet the scenery is often less characteristically Australian than that seen in the dramatic and magnificent  interior of this great continent.

"Don't walk away from me!"

Don’t Walk Away From Me!

This little bird is defying her mother’s request to obey her instructions. Parents of teenagers will probably recognise this situation!



Each face is a unique and wonderful landscape, capable of expressing the myriad of emotions that we humans feel. I interpret the attitudes and feelings expressed by my painted faces in ways that others may disagree with. I feel that this face is imbued with a realistic optimism – a quality I much admire!

Mount Dandenong

Mt Dandenong

My family and I live on and love Mt Dandenong. It is a magical place that weaves its spell as soon as we begin the journey up the mountain along the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. We also value the proximity of the scenic Yarra Valley, and the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne in the other direction. My grandchildren are waving to you from beside their house.

Nell In Her Garden

Nell’s village store and post office is the heart and soul of our local township of  Kalorama on Mt Dandenong. The shop sells delicious home made pies and cakes, lovely seasonal flowers – and my cards!  The original of this  picture hangs on the wall in the shop- a reminder of the sweetness in a bountiful garden.