Here’s an example of jewellery made by my granddaughter, Martha,  for her new company,  Martha’s Moonlight Designs. She uses my pictures – in a cabochon glass and stainless steel casing – for pendants, earrings, rings and  hair clips.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable – it doesn’t have toxic runoff.  Most stainless steel actually has a recycled content of 60%.

This lovely jewellery will soon be available for sale here.

Watch this space!




    Book bags (top three) 360mm x 390mm  – $16

    Tote bags (lower six) 420mm x 420mm – $18

    You can order bags with any of the paintings (see full range in cards section) printed on them – delivery in 2-3 weeks.  All bags are cream, 100% sturdy cotton canvas, with shoulder straps. Book bags are smaller and a slightly different shape from tote bags – see pictures below.

    Free postage in Australia.

    Small World


    Be Happy


    Coming Home

    Outraged Owl

    Woman of the Future

    Red Mask

    Friendship Across a Divide




    This Is My Branch!

    The company that makes these bags ensures that they are certified child labour free, and works only with factories which promise safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions – see website below